Vincent Chen, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science

We are all humans. We eat, we drink, and we move. Exercise Science is not just about exercise. It is the science about ourselves.

ES111 Foundations of Exercise Science and Wellness

The Science behind Exercise and Nutrition

Introduction to wellness through investigation of lifestyle and other critical issues in fitness, sports, exercise science and wellness. Changing philosophies and basic concepts are introduced.

ES320/WS320 Gender in Sports

Gender Issues in Today’s Sports Industry

Examination of gender-specific issues surrounding participation in sports that includes epidemiology of injuries, psychosocial aspect of athletes, physiological conditions, and biomechanics of the body.

ES325 Wellness Program Management

Creating and Managing Programs

An introduction to methods of conducting needs assessments of target populations. Working with their intended audience, students will learn to create programs with quantifiable goals and outcomes. Included in the program design will be considerations of budgetary, personnel, and facility requirements. Program marketing, client recruitment strategies, plus outcomes assessment and program evaluation will be examined and discussed.

ES330 Exercise Physiology

Applying Human Physiology in Exercise

Study of human physiological response and adaptations during exercise. Scientific principles will be applied in nutrition, metabolism & systems such as neurological, cardio-respiratory, endocrine and musculoskeletal, to promote health and fitness of the general population as well as peak performance in athletes.

ES350 Exercise Testing and Prescription

Applying Exercise Science to Improve Health

Provides the practical knowledge and skills in health screening, risk stratification, administering exercise testing, interpreting test results and prescribing exercise to general as well as specific populations.

ES360 Administrative Aspects of Sport

Developing the Skills for Sports Management

Students will be introduced to the concepts of sports management, including the administrative processes, systems and styles with application to various sports environments, including program, facility, fiscal, and personnel management in informal, intramural, or club sports settings.

ES390/391/392 Internship

Learning by Doing

ES390 & ES391: Supervised individual fieldwork in exercise science, wellness or sports environment
ES392: Supervised individual fieldwork in coaching